Who am I?

 I was a child when I first put make up on, but man I was a woman that walked out of the room. I was 13, and I was far too young to look like I did! Now, I see 3, 4 and 5 years old dolled up looking like mini 25 year olds.  I ask myself why?

The sexualization of our children is abhorrent, but TV shows such as “Toddlers and Tierra’s” is tailor made for sexual predators, pedophiles, and those who are in the making. Have we become so tolerant in our society that we would sell our own children out?

Oh, but that is not most of America, right? No, but most of America is accepting it! Where is the outrage, where are the Moms of America standing up and saying NO, this is not right and you are NOT doing this to children! Have we become so brow beaten by the extreme left that we cannot call a spade a spade? Are we so are afraid to be called intolerant that we are allowing children to be turn into sexual play things?

Today, In America there is an underground swelling of young girls being kidnapped, rapped, drugged and sold into prostitution. They are being kidnapped from malls and schools playgrounds. They are shot up with drugs to make them complicit and if they get out alive it is a miracle. Do you hear any outrage? Do you hear any news stories?

I am sickened by this.  Like the grizzly bear mama I am compelled to fight for those children who are not even mine, because they are children, they are helpless, and someone needs to do it! Yes even a 13 year old is still a child. Those babies whose own mothers have sold them out for profit, whether it be 15 minutes of fame on “Toddlers and Tierra’s” or that twenty dollar piece of crack that the drug addict mom sold her daughter for, it is the same. They have sold their children for money.

Where is the outrage? Where is NBC, ABC, CBS, DR. Phil, Dr. OZ, Oprah…nobody says a word, because sex sells and ratings mean money.  Follow the money and you will always find the agenda, the power….. or Satan, depending on who you are looking for.  It always has been that way and it always will be that way.

We ask ourselves, what do we believe?  But more importantly we must ask ourselves if what we believe is worth fighting for? To me it is. I would rather live a short life full of passion, substance and doing what is right, than a long agreeable complacent life.

The world can be changed one voice at a time, one stand at a time.

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