Whats Left?

Occasionally I do appraisals for estate purposes and often times there are estate sales going on while I am there. I don’t like estate sales, the entire process seems morbid and sad to me. Someone’s house, filled with all of their memories, is opened up to strangers to rifle through and buy at less than garage sale prices. Everything has a price. Every memento and every special gift is reduced to a few pennies on the dollar with their true value and their stories left untold.

It makes me realize that all of the “things” and “possessions” we value are really not worth that much in the long run. What are the most valuable things in life are the intangible things. The memories we have with family and friends, spending time with those you love, leaving a legacy or leaving something that helps other. These are the things that things can never be sold or carried away by strangers. That is what real treasure is.

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