Driving Lessons

My husband claims I am a terrible driver, which is probably true, but I think he is the one that is bad. I think this conflict boils down to the differences in our styles of driving. He is a no nonsense by the rules driver and can be a bit aggressive, which I think is just a guy thing. I am a much more passive driver and am easily distracted and side tracked. Going from point A to B can lead to C, D, F and a new pair of shoes.

I was driving the other day (probably haphazardly) thinking about our differences and it came to my mind that the way we drive can many times be compared to how we live our lives. How we go about our days, how we treat others, obtain our goals, and where our priorities are.

There are some people that are so driven to get to where (or what) they want that they are willing to break laws, take short cuts, or hurt people to do it. There are others who are less aggressive but the destination is still their main focus and things like faith, family, and friendship are ignored or passed by because the goal is more important.

There are those that plot their courses and have maps in hand, but get distracted along the way by all the shiny things on the side of the road. They might get to where they want to go or they might not. Maybe they get half way there and say this is okay for now or maybe they make it to their destination, but it takes them a lot longer than they planned.

There are some people that have no idea where they are going. They drive around aimlessly or in circles doing the same nonproductive thing over and over, afraid of asking for directions, wasting time, wasting resources, and going nowhere.

Some people spend so much time looking in the rear view mirror they can’t see what is coming up on them until it is too late. Wondering constantly what would have happened if they had only taken that other road. They forget about the road they are on, loose sight of where they are going, and run the risk of running off the road or crashing into on coming traffic.

But it is not just our driving style that can throw us off course. There are things that get in the way. There are obstacles pop out of no where, flat tires, broken fan belts, dead batteries, or maybe just running out of gas. Some problems are minor enough to fix and get back on our way, some are so overwhelming that we are left stranded on the road not knowing what to do next.

I have thought a lot about they way I drive lately and the road I am traveling on. I think I need to slow down a bit so I don’t miss what is most important.

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